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November and No NaNoWriMo

Nope. Not for me. Not this year. I'm out. I am not, however, out of writing in entirety in November (as if). And I'm not even giving up on the idea of having a writing goal for the month. After all, as someone on Twitter recently said to me, "Sleeping is for December," (not true, we all know December is for The X-Files, but whatever) so I'm in for a wee bit o' writing this month after all. I need a bit of a kick in the pants to write right now, as my life is all crazytown, so I'm doing picowrimo on the advice of the great and wonderful lolmac.

Since one sets one's own goals for Pico, I'm setting mine at 100 words a day for five days a week. This allows me leeway on weekends, when work takes up every bit of my time, and doesn't overwhelm me on days when I just don't have much in me. Now, anyone who has been around a while knows that I tend to be an overachiever when it comes to things like this (I "won" my first Nano on November 17. Yeah, it's like that.), so I'm sure you won't be surprised to know that I'm at just over 500 words today. That said, I'm counting that as both Nov 1 and Nov 2, because my sleep schedule makes my "days" a bit different than those on the calendar. I wrote 300 words last night, and 200 words today as far as my body is concerned. Therefore, we're golden. More to come! Expect a fic a day, as I did back in May 2008 (ah, Firefly, how you changed my life) and December 2007 (ah, SG-1, how truly beholden to you I am),  but there might be a few lapses here and there, as I have two non-fiction pieces to do this week that actually have a deadline. Love to all and write on, my friends. Write on.


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