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New Fic: Wingman

Fandom: Being Human UK
Rated: PG
Category: Friendship, General.
Season: Pre-Series.
Spoilers: None.
Summary: Herrick prepares for a night on the town.
Disclaimer: Being Human belongs to the wonder that is Toby Whithouse, not me.
Word Count: 351
Note: This one's for Melissa.


William Herrick prided himself on his patience and good grace. Despite being a vampire, he generally adhered to the more subtle societal niceties of his day. But there are some things that no one should have to bear, and as he struggled to contain the man beneath his hands, his frustration finally took control.

“Hold still!” he mumbled through clenched teeth.

His squirming victim actually answered him. “I’m trying!”

Herrick might have found that odd response funny if not for the circumstances. As it was, he merely sighed. “Seriously, you act like this is your first time.”

“I can’t help it. It’s weird.”

“And to think most chaps consider this a luxury,” grumbled Herrick, as he continued with his task.

“Well, I’m not most chaps, am I?”

Herrick rolled his eyes and gave a soft snort. “Hardly.”

“So just get it done already.”

“I’m nearly finished,” said Herrick. He took a very deep breath and released it slowly. “No thanks to you and your constant whinging.”

“Thank God.”

Herrick laughed. “That’s funny, coming from you.”

“Oh, like you’re any better.”

“Never said I was,” agreed Herrick. “Incidentally, one day you will have to learn to do this for yourself, you know.”

A bright grin answered him. “But not today.”

Herrick sighed and resisted the urge to strangle the speaker. “No, not today. I’m done here.”

“So, we ready then?”

Herrick regarded his handiwork for a moment, then nodded. “I believe we are.”

“The question is: are they ready for us?”

A sly smile slid over Herrick’s face. “Never.”

His victim’s only response was a laugh. It was a loud and raucous affair tinged with darkness, and the man’s eyes lit up with an excited fire as he cackled. When he quieted down, he met Herrick’s eye and the two men shared a sinister smile. A moment later, they left the flat. They were dressed to the nines, and as they marched out into the night, Herrick was certain that, despite all the trouble, his efforts had been worth it.

After all, a clean-shaven John Mitchell was one hell of a wingman.


--- A/N: I know I’ve taken some liberties with the idea of whether or not vampires grow hair here, but I frankly don’t care. This story was too much fun to write to let the idea go to waste. I have my own ideas on this (and Being Human shows us its ways in canon if you look closely) but I won’t bias yours by sharing them. Enjoy the fic for what it is if you can, and move along if you can’t.


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