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Loved It!

I'm sitting here next to my purple lava lamp, with my purple wabbit stamp on my desk next to me, and I have one thing to say about the movie that I just watched. They'll be more later, but for now...two words:

Kick. Ass.



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Apr. 18th, 2010 04:21 am (UTC)
I was very "meh" about the movie based on all the trailers I had seen, since it seemed very immature and ridiculous.

And then I finally saw an "extended" trailer which detailed a little more of the plot, and I realized that the movie might, actually, be kick-ass.

Apr. 19th, 2010 02:38 am (UTC)
I've wanted to see Kick-Ass since I saw the first preview. While I haven't read the comic, I know of it, and I liked the idea. I was super excited to see Hit Girl, etc.

But I was concerned the movie would not live up to the hype/my expecations. No need. I loved this movie! I loved everything about it.

If you like superhero movies (and the plot is a superhero movie plot, complete with violent revenge origin stories, etc) and can handle the blood and gore of a violent comic book, I think you will like this film.

The fight choreography is absolutely beautiful, the kill shots are just the right amount of comic book suspended belief and reality, the lead is just the right amount of dork and dude, and young Chloe Moretz truly does shine as Hit Girl.

The main story of the comic is unaltered, though from what I understand, the movie does put a sligtly brighter shine on things.

Anyway, I absolutely adored this movie. Hubby declared it "beautiful," and we are still talking about it.

I'd go watch it again in a heartbeat, and I'm truly contemplating (oh, ok, I've already decided) on making a Hit Girl costume for Dragon*Con. Twelve year old me is screaming with glee!
Apr. 19th, 2010 04:09 am (UTC)
PS-I mean that blood and gore part, though. There's gobs of it. Oddly, though, it didn't seem gratuitous to me. It was just comic book-ish, if that makes sense. This movie is a graphic novel type movie all the way. It is, in fact, silly and immature in places and over the top in others, but I like that! Other parts, though, were very realistic and felt a little uncomfortable, as they should have. Once again, I just flat liked it. It will be a "to each their own" movie, though. Other people will flat hate it.

Just not me.
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