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So, everyone here knows I'm a bit Wil Wheaton fan and that I read his blog, right?

I also very much enjoy Big Bang Theory, the geeky comedy.

Well... when Wil Wheaton guested on that show, life was complete. The BBT episode in which Wil guest stars is called "The Creepy Candy Corollary," and it's wonderful. Even more wonderful is the things that have come from that episode, like this shirt:

And even more wonderful than this shirt, which immortalizes Sheldon Cooper's Klingon justification of his actions against Wil's character, is a conversation that blossomed on Wil Wheaton's blog after he posted a picture of this shirt.

Gullinbursti said...
Oh god, I'm a horrible horrible nerd, because I'm going to point out the shirt's Klingon spelling error. "bLr" is not an acceptable consonant cluster in Klingon; the word should be "bIr" -- they must have only seen it in a sans-serif font where L and I look the same.
I'm going to go die of shame now.
Laura Robinson said in reply to Gullinbursti...
That is amazing, and I am in awe. Those Klingon language learning cd roms I got when I was 12 years old had me in tears because the Klingon was so appropriately mean.
Wil said in reply to Gullinbursti...
Dude, I salute you. Seriously. Qapla'!
Andrew Reid said in reply to Gullinbursti...
Actually, this kind of sticks out on general linguistic grounds -- that word has no vowel. You don't have to actually know anything specifically about Klingon, other than that the morphology is more or less conventional, to catch that.
Not to diminish your awesome nerdliness, you understand. It motivated me to check, and there's support for your supposition -- the phrase is one of the examples, and on p. 171 of the 1992 paperback of Okrand's book, it is indeed in a sans-serif font.
Wil said in reply to Andrew Reid...
Whenever there are disagreements about spelling and pronunciation in Klingon, I just decide that there are different regional dialects.
SDGlyph said in reply to Gullinbursti...
I'm so glad I'm not the only one...
Just saw it on my RSS feed and had an "Oh... um... that's really cool but, um... Dare I say this?" moment. Nevertheless, cool shirt immortalising a great moment. Qapla', Wil!


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