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Sanctuary, Episode 2.



Ok, so Sanctuary Season Two.

First two eps were a two parter.

And I loved them.

My reaction to the first can be found here.

As for the second:

Huh. Even Helen Magnus has to choose between work and family.

Protective!John is superhotsmokinsexy, thank you.

And more John: his little speech on regret was made of magnificent. The fact that he came right out and said that he didn't regret missing Ashley's childhood so much as giving her his bloodlust was awesome. Way to burst Helen's little bubble there, John. I love you for it. And the "what is bred in the bone can't be undone in the flesh" line? *dies*

Tesla's little line about the sanctuary being as backward as Oxford before the "first war" was nice.

The Firefly touches, if they were intentional, were funny the second time (Henry saying they were humped) and forced the first (Clara tearing Will's clothes off), but they were appreciated all the same.

Will and Clara doesn't do a lot for me.

John being back in London, though? That does a LOT for me. Giving him bladed weapons does even more. *guh* Having him run Ashley through? *did I mention earlier that I died? cuz I fucking died*

Does that anti-Ashley weapon look like an ARG to anyone else?

And speaking of looking like something else, Ashley's gang sure remind me of the Borg.

Magnus saying the words "Fragile Balance" made me giggle.

Tesla - "I'm not British. That tally ho crap doesn't work on me." BWAHAHAHAHAAA!

Ah, Big Foot is cured with ye olde instant cure. Nice to know some things never change.

Speaking of that cure: OMG Helen's "compromise" speech leading up to it. Awesome. And when she hands Tesla the vial of Ashley's blood that she knows he can use to make a weapon to kill Ashley, her only child? Even better.

The interplay between Tesla and Magnus is this ep was to die for. John and Magnus always fill me with squee, but it's even better to have this third party thing going on. Only Tesla could get away with simply stating that Ashley is the only progeny of two source-blood-enriched abnormals in the presence of both of those abnormals without getting his ass beat. Love. Him.

Since when are the Ashley types bulletproof? I mean, they heal fast, but what's up with the shield? Huh?

Kate's cool, I think. I like the "bounty hunter with the heart of gold" thing they have going on with her, even if it is overused and even if they are likely going to make her a new Will love interest soon.

Because they killed Clara.

Wow. Score. I wasn't so keen on Clara, anyway. Nothing personal, invisible woman.

And speaking of death...WTF ASHLEY!?!? They killed Ashley? What? Did they really? Surely not. But she sure as shit teleported after Henry got the EM shield back up, so...dead, right? Dude. If they stay with that, I'm going to give this show a huge round of applause. Not because I didn't like Ash, but because it would be so very ballsy. But who wants to bet they bring her back? I mean, surely someone's got DNA around somewhere? 

But for now, Ashley is dead.


Again, not because I didn't like her, but for what we fic-minded types get in return for her death.

I mean, did you SEE Helen laying on the floor all emo-whumped? Love it! And what of John? Will he see Ashley's death and thus Magnus' pain as his fault? Will he go all stupid noble or will he, oh, start cutting people up again?

For that matter, did John get the message not to teleport? He was still fighting when that went out. Did he hear? Where is he?

Will he come tearing into the tank area and try to comfort Helen (who will likely beat the shit out of him in redirected aggression) or will he go all emo and lash out on his own/sulk and brood? (Can I vote for brooding?)

Only one way to find out, I guess. Watch more Sanctuary!

Incidentally, I have discovered that I prefer to watch TV live. Odd, I know, but true. Also, there are two notes on my list from this week's Sanctuary that I simply cannot decipher. Hm...a rewatch is in order.



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Oct. 19th, 2009 01:44 am (UTC)
Oooooh very nice run thru on the eps...I thought there were so many amazing moments in that ep -- I think you covered them all. There was so much drama and loss but it gave some amazing character moments. Love Tesla, always and of course any Helen/John moments and then there's the end scene between Helen and Ashley...WOW, Emilie did some amazing work, I mean she had like one line, but that look she gave Helen before teleporting -- rip your heart out stuff, man. And then leaving Helen alone on the floor crying....*meep*
Oct. 19th, 2009 02:03 am (UTC)
Oh, hey, Taj. You know what? I'm stooopid.

I forgot to link to my blog on the first ep in this entry. Linked now. So, you know, you can actually read about the first ep.

As for the second. Yeah...GUH.

Helen laying there on the floor was gorgeous. I'm so all about making my favorite characters hurt. Can't help it. I really want to see how Helen and John handle this and where Nikola will fit in.

Can't wait for more!

Of course, I will BE in London this time next week, so...um...don't spoil me, k?
Oct. 19th, 2009 03:10 am (UTC)
I adore Tesla to pieces I can't really articulate. That tally-ho line was made of beyond win. I don't like Kate, though. Not so much the part as much as the actress overacting it. I hope she'll be a replacement love interest for Will because somewhere between Seasons 1 and 2 I totally fell for Henry/Ashley and his one little line about her being gone in the premiere only compounded it.
Oct. 19th, 2009 03:22 am (UTC)
Indeed on Tesla. And I see your point on Kate. The actor not so much for me. As for them getting her with Will, I'm not in favor, but only because I'm not in favor of overt ship period, not because I want him with Ashley or anyone else. I know they tried to ship that early on, but it's not so much for me, either. Henry/Ash. Ok. I could be on board with that. Will have to watch for more fodder later. *g*

I'm so all about John, then Tesla, I rarely notice the others, to be honest.
Oct. 19th, 2009 03:38 am (UTC)
Yeah, Will as a character has always been a no-starter for me. I don't hate him, but I never seem to remember him. The only times I find him interesting is when they expressly put his forensic superpowers to use, and let's face it: Who among us as geeks don't love to see every team member kick butt with their own particular special power? ;-) Still, that's more of a plot tool than a characterization thing.

... wow, I didn't realize this show had gotten to me so much that I could wax ponderously like this. You're right, the intro to the Five really jump-started it from "interesting but stumbling presence" to "piece of intriguing television."

I know what you mean by not being an overt shipper, and in some ways I'm a little jealous. Admittedly, I have a chronic shipping condition, but I'm super picky and devote myself to OTPs a lot less than one would think (read: I don't follow them blindly and they almost never make or break a fandom for me on their own merits). So I guess I'm always in 'scan for potential' mode with ships, but a show only about romance would drive me nuts. I need stakes with my ship. *GG*
Oct. 19th, 2009 04:23 am (UTC)
Exactly on Will. (Man, it's hard to put two L's on that! *g*) Though I tend to get annoyed with the camera tricks they use when they go crazy with Will's powers. Not much, though.

And YES! on the last part of season one thing. Perfect description. I thought it was okay before, but the whole Five thing got to me. Of course, now we're down to three, aren't we? And those three are who keep me here.

As for shipping, I confess to growing up a hard core Riker/Troi shipper, and Picard/Beverly got to me, too. Then Mulder/Scully nearly killed me for a few years. Then I (shudder) even fell hard for Jack/Sam, as my fic shows. But I've never been one to want it shoved in my face. I don't want to actually see it resolved. I don't want a happy ending, but my UST, thanks. Once the couple in question gets together, I'm no longer interested. I used to be completely addicted to ER - then Doug and Carol got together and I no longer cared about it. Just the way it is.

And I'm not really an OTP person, either. I used to be when I was younger (like in TNG, I was completely squicked by Worf/Troi), but no longer. I'm totally a multi-shipper. I like tons of pairings and I'll read/write whatever strikes my fancy. (Like Jack/Sam - it's come and gone for me for the most part. Thus the shudder above.) Though deep down I do have my leanings. (I'll always love DanJan, thanks!)

All that said...John/Helen does it for me in a serious way. I'm all about the smoldering. I love broken histories and baggage and all that in my characters. Tesla adds an interesting dimension to that for me. We all know he likes Helen, and they definitely have a history, but yet she chose John back in the day. John, who liked to cut up girls for fun. Granted, he was insane then, but still...

Anyway. I have to get to bed. Talk to you later.
Oct. 19th, 2009 05:40 am (UTC)
Here, then. I made a pressie.


Edited at 2009-10-19 05:41 am (UTC)
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