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I sortof knew this for a while, but...I confirmed it now.  Life is canceled.  Sigh...

Guess I'll take the good news with the bad, but really...Life?  Seriously?  That's brutal, man.

I love Castle, and I enjoy Big Bang and HIMYM, but...Life is solid gold, man.  Solid gold.  Idiots.  Here's hoping USA picks it up.  If you want to help, go here: http://damianlewisweb.com/bringbacklife/


EDIT: Honestly, I'm ok with it.  It sucks, but it's ok. I must say the season finale was a good way to end things in many ways, and it was the most beautiful piece of television I've seen in years, and it is beyond ok to go out on a good note.  God, Life was (is?) soooo pretty and so well-written and so perfect.

The finale was just so lovely that I can live with it.  It tied up most things (though I'd like to know more about who's behind the "conspiracy") and it left the Crews/Reese relationship completely open, which is a lot better than spelling things out.

If Life does get picked up by USA, I hope they resist the urge to tie things up too much.

It's like when I rewatch Spaced now days.  I am sore there's not more?  Yes.  But having a completely open ending like that?  Bliss.  In fact, I sometimes even think that about Firefly.  There was no chance to mess it up.

So, here's to short-lived brilliance.  *cheers*



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May. 16th, 2009 10:39 am (UTC)
Yeesh, you had me going for a second saying Life was cancelled. I was like, YEEK, what the hell happened to you?! I don't suppose it's another of Fox's golden Buddhas. On the more gilted edge, I hear Dollhouse is good for another 13 episodes. Any word on Terminator?

Beeteedubya, do you consider 'Edit' a four-letter word or something? Just sayin'. ;)
May. 16th, 2009 12:10 pm (UTC)
Sorry for the YEEK. I'm doing ok. Really.

Life is on NBC, and if you pushed me, I'd say it's the best show on TV right now. (Granted, I don't watch Fringe or Burn Notice or a few others that I've heard are good.)

I'm happy for Dollhouse, I suppose...but it really hasn't done much for me so far. It doesn't suck, but it's certainly not must see TV.

As for "Edit," I was very confused for a while here. I kept reading my post looking for errors. Then I got it. I suppose I could have made these three TV posts one post, huh? My bad. I don't care about such things on my flist, so I forget that some people do. I shall endeavor not to spam you in the future, but no promises!

Like my fic, I like my posts short and frequent. That's what I read and what I write.
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