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New Fic: Everyday Hero

Everyday Hero

Fandom: Avengers
Rated: G
Category: Triple Drabble. Movieverse. Barton Family. Set Post-Age of Ultron, Pre-End Game.
Spoilers: None, really. General knowledge only.
Summary: Not all heroes wear capes. Or armor. Or Kevlar. You get the point.
Note: I wrote this two weeks ago. Posting today as it’s Father’s Day in the US, and it seems appropriate. Cheers to all the parents out there who get the job done, especially when there’s no glory in it.


It’s not like he didn’t appreciate the reprieve.

Because as much as he loved his home, not being able to leave it was brutal. Especially with Laura gone all day at work in town and him on his own with nothing but the under-ten crowd for company.

So he really did relish the chance to get out.

The papers in his pocket gave him permission for an hour drive, even. Each way. And between looking at the scenery (not that there was much variety), playing car games with the kids, and cranking up the radio, he could almost pretend this was the way it used to be.

So he was in a great mood. That is, until he had to do the thing. Until the reason his trip had been allowed became reality, rather than just a destination. Until he had to hold his son down while he flailed and screamed as tiny arrows pierced his flesh.

Then, he wondered how his wife had done this (many times!) without killing someone. His fingers twitched, and if he’d had just one arrow of his own…

But then it was done. The baby was in his car seat, the other two kids were collected from the play area in the lobby, and they were driving back toward home just a few minutes later, with the county health department fading in the rear view mirror.

That hadn’t been so bad, after all.

So when he stopped by the roadside snow cone stand for a few minutes because he was running ahead of schedule for once and monitors be damned, he smiled.

Because Lila and Cooper were actually sharing, and Nate was vaccinated.

Clint Barton had never felt more like a hero.

Yep. Mission accomplished.

Still, he could do without the needles next time.

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